Monday, March 1, 2010

Religion Must be Sacrificed for a Better Humanity

The very fact that religious differences can separate us from our family and friends is why I don't like it. Even as a non-believer, I still go to church for the music and the people. I still have all the same religious friends. But my strongly christian girlfriend struggles with my non-belief sometimes and it nearly ended our relationship.

While religion can seem innocent and make the average person happy as long as they remain in their bubble, in the bigger picture it is still contributing to worldwide religiousness which contains at least two scoops of crazy. And maybe your children or children's children will bite into some of that crazy. Because of this, I can't see the belief in any religion as a good thing for humanity as a whole. We should study religion only as mythologies. Take the good moral teachings from them, and just be... people.

Religion can be beautiful and romantic or sick and twisted depending on how you look at it. I can see both, but I cant accept the good with the bad. Religion must be sacrificed for a better humanity.


Anonymous said...

...the FU CK?

What are you getting at, here?

Spreading atheist ideas....

Abemore said...

I think I was pretty clear. Think about it.